River Rafting in Karjat

River Rafting in Karjat- The urge to connect with nature takes one through a mind cleansing exercise. The result is a renewed you and what you just did is breathe and live easy in the natural surroundings. Trekking is an activity for some and for othersit is submitting themselves to nature.

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

– Robert Frost

River Rafting in Karjat

For some might just sit back and ponder what it must be, while the others have witnessed the seasons changing, the painted skies and cloud filled valleys. The dance of the fireflies the innumerable tossing heads of the wildflowers. It’s the air that changes you. It’s the nature that rejuvenates and trekking is an adventure that definitely boosts good health.

River-Rafting-in-Karjat (1)
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (1)

Maharashtra has a rich heritage of 350 hill forts that offer trekking opportunities. The history behind each hill fort is intriguing. Trekking has been adopted by many adventurers as a regular physical exercise. It happens that over a period of time you get addicted to trekking. The beautiful vistas are commanding and your effort is compensated once you arrive at the summit.

Trekking brings varied landscapes, terrains and altitudes.  In Maharashtra, the maximum altitude of hill forts is 5400 ft. Kalsubai is the highest hill fort in Maharashtra at 5400 feet.Salher is the highest hill fort in Maharashtra at 5141 feet. Trekking is an ardently sought adventure sport in Maharashtra. It is a physically challenging exercise, but yet satisfying to the senses.

River Rafting in Karjat

Why Trek?

  • Breathe some unpolluted air
  • Explore the ever-changing, breathtaking landscapes
  • Experience rural life
  • Cook, clean and sleep like the cavemen.
  • Sleep under the stars.
  • Feel the chill of the night irrespective of seasons.
  • Experience the wildflowers
  • Enjoy the dance of the fireflies
  • Lead the raw life, sleeping in the caves and drinking spring water.
  • An outdoor exercise
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (2)
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (2)

Why trek in Maharashtra?

  • A rich heritage of 350 hill forts to trek
  • Amazing and captivating landscapes
  • Beautiful seasonal wildflowers
  • A good experience ground if you wish to trek the Himalayas.
  • The treks are in close vicinity to Mumbai, Pune, Nashik & Karjat.
  • Day treks as well as overnight treks.
  • Exotic camping experience.
  • Monsoon treks are very inviting and promising because of rich nature. The entire landscape changes to bring a heavenly feel. Drinking Water is in abundance.
  • Accessibility to base villages makes stay and food available.

Well connected by state transport buses across the most rural villages

River Rafting in Karjat


In Maharashtra the different levels of trekking grades are – easy, medium and difficult. A trekking enthusiast should first ascertain the trek’s grade before attempting. In addition to the grades, often monsoons and extreme summers are seen as a sensitive time to trek. Monsoons, because of low visibility and the hilly terrain being prone to landslides. In Summers, the scree(loose soil) is a factor that has been responsible for quite a few accidents. A seasoned trekker would know the skill of walking on loose scree. Summers are also very challenging as the weather is extreme. The nights are a pleasant time to trek during summers and offer a rather unparallel trekking experience.

River-Rafting-in-Karjat (3)
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (3)

What to carry on your trek?

  • Ample drinking water
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Tents if you do not wish to stay in caves.
  • Warm clothing, as at high altitude nights are colder across the year.
  • Alum for cleaning drinking water as well as a fine cloth for straining.
  • Sleeping bag or foldable mattress.
  • Old newspapers.
  • Tissues

River Rafting in Karjat

Life Support

Trekking is a pleasure activity, but if trekkers are attempting to trek on their own, they should inform the villagers at the base village. Trekking is all about adventure and hence if anything untoward happens people can come looking for you. Ideally hiring a local guide’s service always helps as it creates employment opportunity too.

River-Rafting-in-Karjat (4)
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (4)

Physical Endurance

Treks are a beautiful experience, but if you are a frail heart, you should abstain from trekking. For the ones who exert on small physical activities, it is important you work on your endurance before attempting a trek. A good walking schedule for days should ideally help. Right breathing exercise should help to a great extent. Be prepared to walk for a couple of kilometres uphill which is unlike Himalayan trekking. Heart patients should ideally abstain from trekking activities as it becomes very physically enduring. Children and aged can attempt trek under the supervision of a guide or fellow trekkers.

River Rafting in Karjat

Don’t do this on a Trek

  • While on a trek remember, nature and trekking locations are a national heritage and therefore do not attempt to destruct or degrade the environment.
  • Carry back your waste like plastics, wrappers and disposables.
  • Do not pluck wildflowers or walk on flowerbeds. Respect nature and other trekker’s space, do not attempt sound pollution.
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (5)
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (5)

Do this on a trek

  • Embrace nature at its best.
  • Capture nature more in your memory than in photographs.
  • Try knowing the history of a hill fort before you visit, so the trek becomes more interesting.
  • Clean the place you are staying after you wind-up.
  • Try generating income for the local villagers by renting them as a guide or buying food from them.
River Rafting in Karjat

At Spicy Mango, we can be your trekking partners and bring you a memorable experience. We have a string of hill forts on our list around Mumbai that can be covered in a day’s time. We also offer overnight treks. Why a trekking enthusiast can opt for our service is we provide end-to-end service from the travel (pick-up & drop) to food and guide. We encourage the raw feel of living in the caves and experiencing nature to its fullest.

Our services can be opted as per your specific schedule or you can also refer to the many treks we schedule across different seasons. Our updated trekking schedule can be checked on our website. If you are a group and want to opt for a particular trek, you can trust on us for end-to-end valuable service.

River-Rafting-in-Karjat (6)
River-Rafting-in-Karjat (6)

We are currently providing services for the following treks around Mumbai –

Kondana Caves, Kothaligad, Sondaigad, Karnala, Rajmachi, Songiri& Peb Fort.

We offer trekking services for couples, family groups and also Corporate groups. Our services are backed by the thought that you enjoy nature at its fullest while taking care of you.  Our trekking options are ideally situated around Mumbai and in close proximity so we cut down on the travel time ensuring a good time spent enjoying.

We are aided with a first-aid kit, but trekkers should be aware that trekking means raw encounters and should be prepared for varying circumstances. The good faith speaks that all is good if you think it first in the mind. We are here to create memorable experiences for you and it shall be our endeavour to serve you the best.

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